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Skittle is a free Google Talk Chat application where you may add any jabber subscribers and chat to them 24/7.

Its basically Google talk however for your mobile instead of the PC.

Skittle works on almost any Java capable mobile phone. More than 150 handsets are supported!

It is designed for GPRS although 3G and HSDPA will mean Skittle will drop connections when traffic increases.

The longest recorded uptime for Skittle was 1523 minutes on a Nokia 6600 using GPRS, meaning the coding in stable!

There are 5 versions of Skittle:

Skittle allows you free IM chat using your existing Jabber or Google Talk account members

Skittle presents you a user interface similar to Google Talk, cuter and adapted for mobile phone users

You are required to have a Gmail account prior to running Skittle, to get an account is FREE!

Before you start using Skittle application, you have to make sure it is able to run on your mobile handset.

Download and install the application, if it runs then it is probably able to work properly. Send discovered limitations/bugs/suggestions to

Please, checkout the list of compatible handsets that
Skittle was successfully tested on before reporting or requesting for support.

When you get the application started, you sign-in to your existing Google Talk account,

               Skittle Main Roster                               within a contact window                       Skittle's Emoticons Page 1                        Skittle's Emoticons Page 2

           Skittle Status Management

My neighbors and friends pets for their company:

Mickey, Oes, Katty, P.E, Wow Wow, Ratty Rat, Quack Qwack, Smoothy, Pinky, Buzz, Marwa, Baxsel, Hawk, Fridge, Whoito, Peacock, Weeble, Blanket, Noddy, Elmo, Hedgewic, Tracker, Dusty, Tiny, Grapejuice, E.R, Shrimp, Shadow, Jazmine, Kayla, Montoya, Chico, Shrink, Tamarine, Kaylan and Twinkle.

My friends for their suggestions and testing participation and sponsorship:
MZCellular [Sponsoring a Nokia 6600 which was the beta phone throughout],
Edge [Nokia Ngage],
KhatibaA [Nokia 6600 during the holidays],
Hyperionza [extensive testing on the Nokia 6230i],
NoNickChick [my 1st beta tester],
Bhavz [ideas],
Daz [jargon],
Basic [ideas],
Malini [ideas],
SharQ [censor'd words],
Kiwi [smiley's],

n especially to *Starbuck* for d motivation to attempt this task in the 1st place!"

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